Sharon Curia

Self Portrait, Village of Feltville, Watchung

I got my first camera when I was 10 years old. My father bought it for me for my birthday.  It was a 110 film Instamatic, with the 10 flash cube sticks.  I was intrigued at the concept of capturing what I saw and began documenting people and things around me. I also had an artistic flair and could draw well, paint, write poetry and short stories, and played a little guitar.  I was drawn to the artistic side of things.

A friend's sister thought of me after I had my son in my mid-twenties and did not want to return to a 9-5 schedule.  I was offered a position as a photographer's assistant in a big NJ wedding studio, so- I began a new life in the photography industry.

My learning experiences began hands on.  I was immersed in it, and from the first wedding- from the very first rush of adrenaline- I was hooked. Each wedding was its own little adventure and I loved that.  

When I began in the industry, I learned on cameras popular with studios at the time: Hasselblad,  Bronica, Mamiya medium format cameras, & 35mm film SLRs.  I saw digital take the industry by storm.  I now use Nikon digital cameras & lenses and have an interest in Olympus 4/3 mirrorless digitals.   

You will see a little of everything in my portfolio.  While my baseline is event photography, you'll see anything from commercial work to macro photography, plants and animals, edgy band photos, interiors- you name it. 

I have also participated in local art shows and have had shows at Les Malamut Art Gallery in Union,  Casano Center in Roselle Park, and Kenilworth Art Gallery.